Best Presentation Awards at the SCS Fall Meeting

The best oral- and best poster presentation award program at the SCS Fall Meeting is one of the world's most attractive of its kind. More than CHF 42’000 CHF in total are given to the winners in monetary form, travel grant or free publication opportunities in the Junior Laureates issue of CHIMIA.

We like to address our recognition and thank to the Metrohm Foundation and to DSM Nutritional Products Ltd., that are partnering for the presentation award program for many years.


Best Oral Presentation Award Winners


Analytical Sciences
Winner: Prince Tiwari, ETH Zurich
Runner-up: Pascal Becker, ETH Zurich

Catalysis Sciences & Engineering
Winner: Maxim Zabilskiy, PSI Villigen
Runner-up: Jaicy Vallapurackal, University of Basel

Computational Chemistry
Winner: Tomislav Begušić, EPFL Lausanne
Runner-up: Stephanie M. Linker, ETH Zurich

Chemistry and the Environment
Winner: Jordan Meyet, ETH Zurich
Runner-up: Michael Zumstein, Eawag, Dübendorf

Inorganic Chemistry
Winner: Pinelopi Moutzouri, EPFL Lausanne
Runner-up: Dorota I. Walicka, University of Zurich

Medicinal Chemistry
Winner: Lluc Farrera Soler, University of Geneva

Organic Chemistry
Winner: Hsin-Hua Huang, University of Basel
Runner-up: Josep Mas-Roselló, EPFL Lausanne

Physical Chemistry
Winner: Mudit Sinhal, University of Basel
Runner-up: Alexander Aster, University of Geneva

Polymers, Colloids & Interfaces
Winner: Claire Meyer, University of Basel
Runner-up: Derek Kiebala, University of Fribourg, Adolphe Merkle Institute

Best Poster Presentation Award Winners


Analytical Sciences
Winner:      Stefan Kradolfer, ETH Zurich
Runner-up: Tara Forrest, University of Geneva

Catalasys Sciences & Engineering
Winner:      Simon Büchele, ETH Zurich
Runners-up: Andrea Blankenship, ETH Zurich
                             Zachariah Berkson, ETH Zurich
                             Yongpeng Liu, EPFL Lausanne

Computational Chemistry
Winner:      Stephanie Grimmel, ETH Zurich
Runner-up: Christian Schellhaas, ETH Zurich

Chemistry and the Environment
Winner:      Anna Morales-Melgares, EPFL Lausanne
Runners-up: Nora Bartolomé, Agroscope
                              Charlotte Driesen, Empa

Inorganic Chemistry
Winner:      Aurélien R. Willauer, EPFL Lausanne
Runner-up: Leonie J. Bole, University of Bern

Medicinal Chemistry
Winner:      Remi Patouret, University of Geneva
Runner-up: Susanna Zamolo, University of Bern

Chemical Biology
Winner:      Thomas Edwardson, ETH Zurich
Runner-up: Michelle Frei, EPFL Lausanne

Organic Chemistry
Winner: Alexandre Leclair, EPFL Lausanne
Runners-up: Elena Braconi, EPFL Lausanne
                             Antonin Clemenceau, University of Basel
                             Tomáš Pastierik, University of Zurich

Physical Chemistry
Winner:       Snaedis Biörgvinsdottir, EPFL Lausanne
Runners-up: Tereza Schonfeldova, EPFL Lausann
                             Vladimir Gorbachev, ETH Zurich

Polymers, Colloids & Interfaces
Winner: Jovana Jevric, University of Bern