Division of Industrial and Applied Chemistry (DIAC)

The Division of Industrial & Applied Chemistry (DIAC) of the Swiss Chemical Society is a forum for chemists, chemical engineers and process engineers interested in industrial chemistry, chemical production, chemical process development and related fields. The DIAC has about 300 members.

Community News

Objectives and Main Activities

The aims of the DIAC are

  • to promote industrial chemistry and chemical process technology in all fields of chemical development and production
  • to disseminate information through the organization and sponsorship of meetings, seminars, workshops and lectures
  • to provide a network for knowledge transfer and discussion and for interdisciplinary collaborations
  • to highlight the importance of chemical production and process development in research and education, industry, commerce and politics
  • to establish and maintain networks and collaborations with like-minded professional societies and institutions, in Switzerland and abroad

Main activities

  • Organize the bi-annual, two-day Freiburger Symposium that is dedicated to a specific sustainable industrial chemistry topic. DIAC members benefit from reduced fees.
  • Offer a company visit with presentations and a site tour at a Swiss chemical manufacturer incl. the DIAC’s members’ assembly.
  • Showcase latest research highlights in Swiss R&D with the bi-annual Swiss Industrial Chemistry Symposium (SICS).
  • Finance the Sandmeyer Prize every other year and offer a platform for the award lecture at the Freiburger Symposium.
  • Award excellence in industrial and applied sciences with a number of awards in related fields.
  • Co-organize ILMAC, the traditional trade fair for Laboratory and Process Chemistry in Basel and Lausanne.
  • Publish a CHIMIA issue on an industrial topic every other year.