SCS Lectureship Awards

The SCS Lectureship is awarded to world-class distinguished scientists and it is organized under the patronage of the Swiss Chemical Society. Over a week, the lecturer gives five presentations and discusses with colleagues at four to five diffeent Swiss research institutions. The selection of the lecturers follows a bottom-up approach where PIs from all Swiss research institutions can propose candidates. The proram coves all areas of chemistry. The choice among the proposed lectureships is made by the board of the Division of Fundamental Research (DFR) of the SCS.

SCS Lectureship Tours

Program 2021

SCS Lectureships - Program 2020

Prof. Darren Dixon, Oxford University (UK)
«New Broad Scope Strategies for Amine and Complex Natural Products Synthesis»
Tour dates: tbd
Tour Organizer: Prof. O. Baudoin, University of Basel

Prof. Edward I. Solomon, Stanford University (USA)
«Activating Metal Sites for Biological Electron Transfer »
«Geometric and Electronic Structural Contributions to Fe/O2Reactivity: Correlations between metalloenzyme and heterogeneous catalysis»
Tour dates: tbd
Tour organizer: Prof. C. Copéret, ETH Zürich

Prof. David Nesbitt, JILA and University of Colorado, Boulder
«Kinetics and dynamics of elementary chemical/biophysical processes»
Tour dates: tbd
Tour organizer: Prof. S. Willitsch, University of Basel

Prof. Jennifer Field, Oregon State University (USA)
«Quantitative analytical methods for organic micropollutants and their transformation products in natural and engineered systems»
Tour dates: tbd
Tour organisier: Prof. W. Giger, Eawag

Prof. Abby Doyle, Princeton University (USA)
«Organic synthesis, organometallic catalysis, and physical organic chemistry»
Tour dates: tbd
Tour organisier: Dr. Andreas Marzinzik, Novartis

Site Coodinators per Research Institute

Program Director
University of Basel: Prof. Stefan Willitsch 

Site Coordinators
University of Basel: Prof. Stefan Willitsch
University of Bern: Prof. Philippe Renaud
University of Fribourg: Prof. Fabio Zobi
University of Geneva: Prof. Nicolas Winssinger 
Univesity of Neuchâtel: Prof. Bruno Therrien 
University of Zurich: Prof. Cristina Nevado
EPF Lausanne: Prof. Sandrine Gerber
ETH Zurich: Prof. Javier Pérez-Ramírez
Syngenta: Dr. Jérôme Cassayre
Novartis Pharma AG: Andreas Marzinzik
F.Hofmann-La Roche: Dr. Stefan Bachmann 
BASF Schweiz AG: Dr. Andreas Hafner


A. Oganization of the "SCS Lectureship program"
  1. The board of the DFR appoints a program director who is responsible for the coordination of the program and the correct course of action at the national level (see section H).
  2. Each research institution has a delegate on the board of the DFR who serves as the “site coordi¬nator” (see section D)
  3. At its meetings in May and October, the DFR board decides which proposals (see section B) shall be realized in the course of the following 12 months. This decision will be communicated by the program coordinator to the prospective organizers of these lecture tours.